TOUR WITH LOS GARCIA is a route or path to improve the inter institutional programs with the finality of supporting the formation off students. Besides being a tourist tour for the company FRUGAR DE CALVILLO S.A. DE C.V. where you get to know how impressive the agro industry and our magic town of Calvillo, are.

1. Develops skills of the children

2. It is a complementary learning capacity

3. The program is transversal because all of the academic contents are reinforced

4. It is an improvement route according to article 717

5. Increases the knowledge in the comprehension of natural phenomena and processes from a scientific point of view

6. Adds awareness to informed decisions for environmental care and promotes health oriented towards the prevention culture



1. History and Geography: to learn the history of the City of Calvillo as well as of the company Frugar de Calvillo S.A. DE C.V. and the location, climate, flora and fauna.

2. Good manufacturing practices: know the chain and net values that allows the knowledge of process safety and product quality. Promotion and knowledge of health oriented towards the culture of prevention and through this understanding acquire conscience of the hygiene measures within the different contexts of the workplace.

3. Food safety, security and sustainability; competences which favor: process knowledge and the elaboration of high quality and healthy products, as well as food safety with the necessary quality to meet the nutrimental requirements to fulfill a healthy and active life.

Competences which favor: knowledge of risks which can arise within the different contexts, and to put them in practice.

Knowledge of prevention measures which must be fulfilled in a company to avoid product harm, also to be aware of the consequences that this can cause.

5. Leadership: understanding and knowledge of the responsibility that being a
leader who makes decisions in an organization group implies.

Dynamics, the elaboration of a guava candy: understanding the process in a
practical manner.

7. Good eating plate: knowledge of the food groups and their respective
benefits and characteristics which favor the good functioning of the body
and the consumption decisions of everyday life.

8. Rest area: the rest area is the final area where students review and evaluate the acquired knowledge and a training dynamics is done.


To elaborate a delicious candy, during the visit the students will get a chance to elaborate a guava fruit paste cut out candy, one of the many products from our line of traditional candies, elaborated in the company. To apply the techniques for the elaboration od a healthy product in a practical manner.

Visit to the plant: one of the fundamental activities is to provide a brief visit to the plant installations where the way the company works is transmitted. The visit includes the following areas:

1. Production
2. Laboratory
3. Warehouse
4. Loading and unloading
5. Offices
6. “Los Garcia” Factory Shop Store

Buy your own candy: when the students elaborate their delicious candy, they write their name on the back part of the wrapping, this helps to identify it. At the end of the visit each student goes to the “Los Garcia” factory shop store to exchange a “Tour Coin” for their candy.




Of the program: Tour with Los Garcia

Responsible: Alma Edith Diaz de León Esqueda
Place: Carretera Calvillo-Jalpa Km 3.5
Fracc. Valle de Huajucar
Phone: 01(495)9562237, 9562240, 9562446
Schedule: Monday-Saturday AM: 9:00 – 12:00 hrs and PM 14:00 – 17:00 hrs
Capacity: 20 to 45 students
Cost: $30.00 (Cost explanation in the annexes)

Students must wear their complete sports uniform
Students must wear tennis shoes



Carretera Calvillo- Jalapa KM 3.5
Fraccionamiento Valle de Huajucar
C.P. 20850

Office and private phone
01(495)9562237, 9562240, 9562446

Email :

Work schedule
Monday-Saturday 8-15 hrs

Los García